The future in your cryptocurrencies

Education and Cryptocurrency

Buy an extensive educational set and get the two most promising cryptocurrencies in 2021.


Cryptocurrencies of the future

By purchasing the Netricoin set, the customer will receive the Stellar and Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrencies, i.e. two cryptocurrencies that, according to specialists, have a great chance to increase their value in 2021… and more.

Convenient Storage

When buying the Netricoin set, the customer will receive two cryptocurrencies that will be stored on the e-wallet, to which only the customer will have access. Thanks to this, they will not have to waste time looking for a suitable crypto-wallet and registering an account. This task will be done for them.

Simple Purchase

In order to buy the Netricoin set, one should contact a seller, who will first select a set that is adequate to the customer’s needs, and then send an e-mail to their e-mail address with the instruction manual of the training platform and the entire product. The package with the access code to the e-wallet account will be delivered by post.

Fast Sales and Funds Transfer

Customers’ cryptocurrencies will be stored on their private e-wallet account. When the customer decides to cash their funds or transfer them to another account, they just need to contact the seller. After a short verification period, the accumulated cryptocurrencies will be monetized or transferred, depending on the customer’s needs.

Diversification of Investment

Diversification is the basic principle of investment based on the purchase of not one, but several assets. This rule gives the investor a better chance of multiplying capital. Netricoin works similarly, because it provides the customer with two cryptocurrencies that have a chance to increase in value.  

Safe Access

The received cryptocurrencies are stored on the e-wallet, which only the customer has access to. All thanks to a card with the Netricoin access code, which includes the login and password for the customer’s account. The code is generated automatically and then sent in a secure package to the customer.

Investing and Education

Netricoin means not just cryptocurrencies, but also a wide set of educational materials, including among others e-books, webinars and a training platform designed to develop the customer’s knowledge and skills.

Prospective Investment

When buying the Netricoin set, the customer not only cares about their wallet but also about their development. Investing in cryptocurrencies gives users a chance to multiply their capital, while education and training give them the knowledge they need in the future. Thanks to this, Netricoin may turn out to be a prospective investment.

Why Netricoin?


XLM is not only a cryptocurrency, but also a platform based on a public and extensive version of the blockchain network, which is increasingly used by international corporations and global enterprises. This platform allows users to make payments, transfers, fees, purchases and even make investments and exchange assets, including cryptocurrencies. All operations take place without intermediaries such as banks or financial institutions, which makes them much cheaper and faster.

An important element of XLM is Stellar Lumens – a cryptocurrency created with the platform in mind. Stellar Lumens uses inflationary technology, so it is unlimited to maximum supply. It also allows you to make dozens of instant transfers per second.

Stellar has been available on the crypto exchange since 2014. Over the following years, the cryptocurrency strengthened its position and regularly increased its value. It even managed to survive during the crypto winter when many e-coins depreciated and fell out of the market. In 2020, Stellar began to regularly increase its price, thanks to which it not only strengthened among the leaders, but also began to take higher and higher positions. Today, Stellar is one of the 20 most important cryptocurrencies with a great chance to increase its position.

Experts speculate that in 2021 Stellar may significantly increase its value. The current situation on the crypto-exchange indicates that the predictions may be correct.

Bitcoin Cash

BCH is Bitcoin’s younger brother that was supposed to replace it. Bitcoin Cash was inspired by the idea of creating a better, newer and more effective version of Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency was to be based on modern technology adequate to the current market requirements, so as to replace Bitcoin over time. However, many BTC investors did not agree to replace the old cryptocurrency with a new one, hence the specialists created a new, better cryptocurrency – Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash is based on a more advanced technology, thanks to which it can make far more transfers in a shorter time than Bitcoin. All thanks to blocks, the size of which has increased from 1 MB to 32 MB with the prospects of enlargement. This solution is adequate to modern technological requirements, thanks to which corporations, enterprises and even financial institutions are more and more willing to use cryptocurrency. Thanks to this, BCH has a good chance to replace BTC in the near future.

Bitcoin Cash has been available on the market since the end of 2017 and at the beginning of its operations it became known as a profitable investment asset. Unfortunately, as a result of changes on the market and crypto winter, BCH, like many other cryptocurrencies, slightly depreciated. Fortunately, this time was devoted to strengthening BCH’s position on the cryptocurrency market, which resulted in an increase in its value at the beginning of 2020. Since then, Bitcoin’s younger brother has ranked fourth among the most important cryptocurrencies and has a chance to win the leader’s jersey.

Experts speculate that in 2021 Bitcoin Cash may significantly increase its value. The current situation on the crypto-exchange indicates that the predictions may be correct.



Knowledge development and investment diversification


A combination of cryptocurrency and a platform that is popular among the largest corporations and international institutions. XLM has been available on the crypto-exchange since 2014, where it has established its strong and permanent position. Experts believe that in 2021 its value can increase significantly.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin’s younger brother that surpasses it in terms of technology and soon possibly also price. BCH has been available since 2017 and has proven to be a successful investment many times. At the turn of 2020/2021, its price began to increase regularly and specialists believe that it will not stop at that. It is possible that BCH will catch up with BTC.


An investment product that allows users to acquire and store Stellar and Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrencies along with extensive educational materials and a training platform. The combination of these two prospective cryptocurrencies allows users diversify their funds and thus make an effective investment. All this with the customer in mind.

Education and diversification

The basis of successful investing is the investor’s knowledge and experience. When buying Netricoin, the client will also receive a wide educational kit that will help him understand what the diversification of investments is.

Reviews from those who first bought the Netricoin set

  • John Hanton
    First customer's opinion

    It’s interesting that I was the first to buy Netricoin. I’m happy because thanks to this I will get Stellar and Bitcoin Cash in very affordable conditions. What convinced me? Its idea for diversification, convenient storage, easy access and… educational materials. Netricoin is a simple way to get not one, but two cryptocurrencies that I can sell or transfer at any time. I believe it will be a good decision.

  • Karen Woodson

    I bought Netricoin because it is my first investment and I didn’t know how to get and where to store cryptocurrencies. I didn’t know where to start, so the Netricoin set turned out to be the perfect solution for me. Not only do I have two cryptocurrencies to which I have access, but also a set of educational materials. There is nothing left to do but… learn and invest.

  • Brian Thompson
    First customer's opinion

    Diversification is the basis of investment, so I decided that Netricoin is worth buying. For one price, I got two cryptocurrencies that stand a good chance of development in 2021. Stellar and Bitcoin Cash are a very good choice, I wanted to invest in them before. In this case, I have two for the price of one.

  • Michael Brandon
    First customer's opinion

    Netricoin is the perfect solution for beginners. Not only do I have educational materials, but I also have two cryptocurrencies. I don’t even have to buy a crypto-wallet as the seller does everything for me. When I master the secrets of investing, then I will either sell or transfer my cryptocurrency.