Card with the Netricoin Code – How Does it Work?

Investing in cryptocurrencies requires not only the ability to purchase a virtual coin, but also knowledge about its storage. This involves choosing the right type of wallet, and the fact that there is a huge selection of e-coins on the market, does not make it an easy task. For this reason, many novice investors hold back from investing in virtual coins. Fortunately, there is a simple and secure way to store one’s cryptocurrency, which is a card with the Netricoin code.

Online or Offline Wallet?

E-wallets can be divided into online and offline types. The online type is a wallet that is part of a virtual platform that provides private accounts for storing cryptocurrencies. To log in to this type of account, you need a login and a password of several characters. The advantage of this type of wallet is the ability to log into it from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer, internet access and login details. The offline type is a wallet in the form of a pen drive, secured with a login and password, on which the cryptocurrency is stored. This type of wallet should be kept in a dry and safe place until the stored cryptocurrency is sold.

Both e-wallets have advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of the online e-wallet is the convenience of using and the ability to make a quick transaction. The downside, however, is the fee for storing e-coins and the threat of stealing all cryptocurrencies accumulated on the account. In the case of an offline e-wallet, the advantage is security and the downside is quite a high price and the possibility of losing the device.

In the case of Netricoin, the customer uses a wallet with online and offline features.

Secure E-wallet with Offline Code

Netricoin uses the features of online and offline e-wallets. This is because after purchasing the product, the customer receives a certain number of Stellar and Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency units, which are transferred to an account that only the customer has access to. Thanks to this, they will have constant access to their cryptocurrency, which ensures the convenience of using it.

The card with the Netricoin access code is responsible for security. We are talking here about a card with a login and password to the wallet on which the cryptocurrency is located. The login is chosen by the customer, but the password is generated by the e-wallet protection system and placed only on the card with the code. Then the card is delivered in a secured package by post to the customer’s hands. Thanks to this, only they will have access to their login and password.

The card with the access code is offline, which means that it is not sent by e-mail or stored in any database. This solution protects the customer against any attempts at attacks and theft of the accumulated cryptocurrencies. The customer’s only task is to keep the card in a safe place until the cryptocurrency is sold.

Free Access and Easy Sale

One can invest in cryptocurrencies in a long-term or short-term manner. It all depends on how long the assets are stored and when they are sold. Some customers prefer to buy a cryptocurrency to sell at the next price increase, while others prefer to buy, store and expect a significant increase in value.

The effectiveness of any method depends on the skills, experience and character of the investor. In the case of Netricoin, each is good. This is because thanks to the card with the access code, the customer has free access to their cryptocurrency and when they decide that they want to cash it, all they have to do is contact the seller. After a short period of verification, the collected funds will be monetized and sent to the account indicated by them. The same applies to transferring cryptocurrencies to the customer’s private e-wallet. If the user decides to store the cryptocurrency on their own, then all they need to do is contact the salesperson, undergo the verification process and indicate the address of their crypto-wallet to which the cryptocurrency will be transferred.

In order meet the expectations of customers, the Netricoin set offers not only training materials, but also a simple method of storing the received cryptocurrency. No long-term e-wallet selection, no account creation, no long registration process and no login problems. The entire operation will be performed by the Netricoin team, which will prepare the platform and provide the customer with access to it. Thanks to the card with the Netricoin access code, the customer will be able to freely log into their account and follow its content.

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