Stellar… A Modern Look at Cryptocurrencies

The world of cryptocurrencies is constantly evolving, which means that more and more new cryptocurrencies appear regularly. Most of them are based on classic solutions and outdated technology, as a result of which investors do not expect them to be highly successful. However, there are several cryptocurrencies that can amaze users and investors. One of such solutions is Stellar.

Modern Platform

Stellar, marked as XLM, is a complex platform based on the public and extended version of blockchain network. The platform aims to connect products and services available all over the world, without the need for an intermediary such as a bank or financial institutions, which means full independence in making purchases, transfers, fees and payments. This idea quickly caught on, especially among international entrepreneurs, corporations, businessmen and financiers from around the world, who were looking for a way to make fast and almost free transfers.

An important element of the platform is Stellar Lumens, i.e. the cryptocurrency used to make payments. This coin is inflationary by its nature, which means it is devoid of any maximum supply restrictions. Due to that, it is one of the most extensive cryptocurrency systems available on the market.

Modern Technology and Great Possibilities

Stellar is a combination of an open-source platform based on an improved version of the blockchain network with the innovative cryptocurrency Stellar Lumens. The combination of these two elements enables issuing tokens, relying on its own system and above all, making instant, fast and almost free transfer in maximum amounts. But that’s not all.

Stellar, as a combination of a platform and cryptocurrency, offers the opportunity to make transactions and build markets based on all types of financial instruments and to issue any asset. This means that the platform provides the exchange of all e-coins as well as currencies, securities and commodities, making it a global investment platform that can be used by almost all investors around the world.

It is possible thanks to regular work on development of the Stellar system, which met the expectation of investors and users and at the same time became a revolutionary intermediary platform. The Stellar Lumens cryptocurrency also plays a huge role in the success, as it does not have any limited maximum supply, thanks to which it is used to cover the commission of transactions in the network. The platform’s capabilities and the effectiveness of the cryptocurrency have made Stellar one of the most promising e-coins. This is also proven by its regular development on the crypto-exchange.

Stellar on the Crypto-exchange – Will it Conquer the Market?

XLM has been available on the crypto-exchange since 2014. The starting price of the cryptocurrency was 0.0012$ per unit. The great interest in the cryptocurrency meant that in less than a year, XLM increased its value almost tenfold, reaching the price of 0.1$ per unit. Since them, Stellar has maintained a relatively stable value, while strengthening its position in the cryptocurrency market.

The first steps up were observed in September 2017, when the unit price exceeded 0.01$ and even reached 1$ per unit in early 2018. Unfortunately, during the crypto-winter in the second half of 2018, the price of Stellar fell, as did many other cryptocurrencies. The value stabilized only at the beginning of 2019 and fluctuated around 0.04-0.16$ per unit. Shortly after the end of the crypto winter, Stellar began to rebuild itself and increase in value.

At the beginning of 2020, XLM began to enjoy the interest of investors again, which first contributed to the establishment of a stable position, and then to a regular increase in its value. This was especially visible in the second half of 2020. The real success, however, came in early 2021, when XLM saw several price spikes, with each drop only giving basis to strengthening its position and returning to a higher value.

Currently, Stellar is one of the twenty strongest cryptocurrencies available on the market. It is referred to as the “icing on the cake” and a cryptocurrency to invest in in 2021. By taking advantage of its slow but regular upward trend, investors have a chance to acquire a strong and prospective cryptocurrency, which may reach dizzying value in the near future.

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